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Successfully Selling Your Home Requires a Knowledgeable, Professional Agent

Our ultimate goal is to get a SOLD sign in your front lawn, so let me tell you why it will get there quicker when you hire me as your specialized real estate agent.  I am 100% committed to providing you with the highest level of service.  My success depends on your happiness and I realize that YOU are the most important element in this relationship.  

When you hire me as your Realtor, you also receive all the special “perks” and services that come along with Howard Hanna. 

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Here’s a little scenario that will better explain why everyone should hire a real estate professional when buying or selling a home.

Picture this...

You stick a sign in your front lawn, make flyers and place an ad in all the local publications advertising your home for sale. What clientele are you appealing to?  You may get a few calls from people who have driven by or read the paper, and maybe someone in the local supermarket is interested, right? Are they just being nosy, have they been pre-qualified for a loan, and is it even possible for them to purchase your home? Or is everyone just wasting their time and yours? You’ll also need to find out what the real estate laws are in your area and make sure that any deal that you make is legal. I’m not saying it’s not possible; you may end up selling your home in the end, but is it really worth the time and aggravation, not to mention the possibility of getting less money for your home then you could have?

Now picture this...

You hire me as your agent. Your home gets placed in the Multiple Listing System that all realtors use. All of a sudden, over 2000 Realtors see that your home is for sale and some may even have a potential, pre-approved buyer who’s looking for that exact property.  Now, instead of a couple of interested people, you have an entire network of potential buyers. You still get the sign in the front lawn, flyers and local ads, but you also get national ads, 23+ websites on the internet, and all of the extras that Howard Hanna and I can provide for you. What’s most important is that your house is being seen in a whole new light. Your home is now “on the list” for serious buyers and real estate professionals to find with the click of a button. All transactions are handled by professionals, so legality is not an issue. I am confident in telling you that 85% or more of all homes sell because Realtors use the Multiple Listings System.

Let my knowledge & expertise as a real estate agent in the Southern Tier work for you to sell your property today!